Saturday, June 16, 2007

Global Baptists: Lilian Lim

Dr. Lilian Lim(Lim Hui Kiau) is the first Baptist woman in Asia to be elected to lead a major theological seminary, or, in her case, a seminary consortium. In 2005, Dr. Lim, who is from Singapore and also serves as Professor of New Testament at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Singapore, was elected President of the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary. ABGTS is a consortium of Baptist seminaries in Asia. It works to make advanced theological degrees (beyond basic seminary education, up to an including the Ph.D.) available in areas where Christians are a distinct minority and the resources are not available for individual Baptist seminaries to be able to offer quality graduate work beyond pastoral training. ABGTS was founded in 1959 as part of the then-Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. When that board, renamed the International Mission Board, pulled out of ABGTS in 1999 (the SBC has been pulling out of every international Baptist work that it cannot control completely; partnerships of equality is an unknown idea to the leaders of the "new" SBC), ABGTS was helped financially by Mercer University, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, American Baptist Churches, and the Baptist World Alliance. Individual seminaries of the ABGTS consortium also have partnerships with Baptist seminaries in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Dr. Lim will serve as president of ABGTS from 2005 to 2012, at which point the presidency will rotate to someone connected with another one of the member schools. Dr. Lim was educated at Baptist Theological Seminary in Singapore (B.Th., M.Div.) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY (Ph.D., New Testament, 1994). She is part of a new generation of Asian women Christians who are reaching beyond traditional "female" roles. She serves on the board of directors of Global Women, a mainly Baptist organization dedicated to empower women for service and mission globally and to create partnerships across national borders and other artificial divisions. She has also been active in work with the Baptist World Alliance and in ecumenical work, especially dialogues between Baptists and Catholics in parts of the world where there is often suspicion between the two.

Members schools of Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary include:
  • Japan Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Baptist Theological Seminary of Indonesia
  • Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore
  • Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Korea Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary and Bible School, Inc.
  • Department of Theology, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
  • Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Thailand Baptist Theological Seminary

In her duties as president, Dr. Lim must travel to all of these locations and make arrangements for the graduate courses and faculty to be held in rotating locations.



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